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Trade your initials with your best friends!

Friendship Bracelets

Trade Initials With Friends, Teams, Camp, School & Fam

Gatherband arrives with 10 sets of your initials in a beautiful storage case for only $19.99. Custom. One-size-fits-all. Indestructible.

Trade your Gatherband Initials with your best friends! Trade your Gatherband Initials with your best friends!

Friendship Bracelets Custom | Trendy | Adjustable


What ya get

A Gatherband

10 of your First Initials
10 of your Last Initials
A Sweet Storage Case

your style

6 color options. Every initial.

Trade in
a snap

Lock securely with a thumb press.

Bond with
your teams

And your school, camps, band, siblings,
family, neighborhood and fundraisers.

One size fits

Guaranteed fit for the thinnest wrist

possible up to the average adult male.

Customer love

This bracelet offers a beautiful and durable design, my daughter will not take hers off! Picking out her initial design was so easy on the site, and she has a blast trading with her friends and teammates. It’s become a unique go-to gift for the 1 zillion kids birthday parties that seem to populate most weekends.

Haley P. / Newtown, CT

Amazing quality and a steal at under $20! I bought them for both of my kids and they refuse to take them off. I also got one for myself to trade with them and the materials are extremely soft and comfortable. I'm a fitness instructor and this band doesn't budge. It stays put on my wrist through outfit changes and rigorous workouts... Love thesseeee!

Janay C. / Charlotte, N.C.

Best looking bracelet I've ever seen! I find most wearables (fitbits, livestrong bracelets, etc) are pretty unattractive. But this is really attractive and made with premium materials - you can just tell when it arrives. it fits nicely and is both sporty and stylish. perfect gift for a sport team or a charity and obviously great gift for kids and way for them to connect. highly recommend!

Shruti S. / New York City

My students LOVE these! Finally there is a personalized and interactive product that celebrates the close bonds of friendship and the love of family. Trading initials has become a positive passion for my students and has opened doors for new connections. Every Gatherband tells a life that each student loves to share! So wonderful!!

Amy S. / Fairfield, CT

What I love most about this product is the focus on having kids come together to celebrate friendships, family, school spirit, camp buddies... The bracelet itself is beautifully made and super durable for the daily wear and tear of active kids. The band has a great sporty look and as a mother of two and an aunt of many (!), this is a fun gift idea. Great price and great quality!

Mary J. / Missouri

This thing was built to last and the attention to detail is remarkable. Even the packaging that it comes in is impressive!! I love how the band can be customized and allow kids to show their personality through the colors they can select for themselves. And with our world continuously moving further online, I’m happy to support a company whose mission is “Connecting kids face to face again.” Bravo!!

Peter D. / Milwaukee, WI

We purchased these for our daughter’s soccer team and they loved them! What a great way to bond and create memories! Easy checkout and fast shipping!

Greg Z. / Santa Clara, CA

From the moment we used the website to build our custom bracelets, we knew we were getting a quality product. Everything from the moment you place you order to the moment it arrives on your doorstep is handled with such care and excitement! Highly recommend these bracelets to everyone in your family and friends!

Kyle D. / Yarmouth, MA

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